Exclusive Vacation Series is the ideal travel and vacation blueprint. EVS highlights everything that exists inside of a vacation fantasy; Exotic locales, beautiful faces, designer swimwear and the secret recipe on how to combine these flavors together to produce a uber premium concoction of unique sexiness that is only created in the kitchens of Dynastyseries.com

Unlike other sites, EVS sprinkles in a bit of everything from Dark Chocolate Candy to Puerto Rican Rum and allows the flavors to blend perfectly in the natural heat that comes from palm tree lined pools and pink sand beaches that dominate the tropical backdrops that form the sets for all Exclusive Vacation Series shoots and productions.

All one has to do is log onto any EVS and entry, and they to can follow the recipe from finding the perfect hidden 5 star bungalow in Negril to soaking in the sun on a secret au naturale beach in Tulum Mexico.There’s a reason it’s called “Exclusive” and we’re here to share those mysteries with you.